3-in-1 Shaker 400 ml

  • Pills Container
  • Powder Container
  • Shaker

Maxler® shaker 3-in-1 is created for making all kinds of sports drinks. Shakers have no chemical smell of plastic, as they are made of durable and BPA-free plastic.Tightly screw cap makes the container completely sealed, thus avoiding leaks.

Shaker has a plastic mesh inside, which improves mixing and distribution of ingredients and due to which you can instantly get a smooth drink without any lumps. Measuring scale allows precise liquid dosing without breaking formulation. The advantage of shaker 3-in-1 is the presence of three sections: the first compartment is designed for making sports drinks; the second section with compartments is for capsules or vitamins; the third section is for extra portions of the powdered products that always allows you to put hand on an additional portion of the concentrate. Each section is connected to the other making the usage of shaker as convenient as possible.

Maxler® shakers have the optimum design, look stylish and attractive. Shakers are convenient in everyday life and are suitable for the majority of jar holders (cars, bicycles or sports shells).

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