Shaker Pro

Shaker Pro
Shaker Pro
Shaker Pro
Shaker Pro
  • BPA & DEHP Free
  • easy to open
  • leak-proof lock
  • dishwasher safe
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Flavor: White
Size: 700 ml
Shaker Pro
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Maxler's new Shaker Pro is designed for all the people leading active style of life. It comes with a stainless steel whisk, which improves mixing and distribution of ingredients and due to which you can instantly get a smooth drink without any lumps. Measuring scale allows precise liquid dosing without breaking formulation.
Leak resistant, durable, BPA & DEHP free, dishwasher safe shaker comes in 8 great colors: Black, White, Blue, Dark Cyan, Red, Green, Yellow & Beige. Maxler Shaker Pro is an excellent choice for any athlete into active style of life.

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