Whey protein – overview, benefits, dosage, effects, uses

Did you know that the worldwide whey protein market is predicted to grow to 40 billion dollars by 2032? It’s one of the most popular supplements that athletes and recreational players take alike.  And for good reason – whey protein powders are a great way to support your overall protein intake and your performance. Whether you’re a seasoned whey protein taker or just thinking about it, we’ve got all that you need to know about whey protein in this post. 

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a type of protein that can be found in the whey that’s left over from the cheese or yoghurt making process. The whey is a liquid that contains lactose, minerals, and protein. To obtain whey protein for supplements, the liquid is filtrated, and protein is purified.  

Types of Whey Protein

There are different types of whey protein that you can find in supplements. Let’s break them down.

Whey protein concentrate. This type of whey protein powder is the most common and usually the cheapest. It contains some sugars found in milk and some fat. It requires minimal processing, making it a great starting point or a trusty staple for many people.  

Whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is made from whey concentrate. Extra processing removes fat and lactose, producing a supplement that’s higher in protein and leaner. It’s a good option for those that are looking to control their calorie intake while increasing protein intake.  

Whey protein hydrolysate. Making this form of whey protein requires an extra digestion step with enzymes. They break down the whey concentrate into smaller parts called peptides. Our bodies absorb these quickly, which is ideal if you need an efficient source of amino acids. 

Some whey protein powders will contain more than one type of protein, kind of like a mix. A good example of that is 100% Golden Whey. This whey protein powder contains whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, providing 24 g of high-quality whey per serving.

Is there any vegan whey protein? Unfortunately, whey is produced form cow milk only, so there are no vegan whey protein powders on the market. However, you can still use vegan protein powders to get your protein fix. It’ll have many of the same benefits as well!

Whey Protein Benefits

Whey protein has a surprising number of benefits. It is an accessible source of high-quality protein while also having plenty of additional benefits. We’ll cover many of them in more detail here. 

Increases Strength and Builds Muscle

Probably the most well-known benefit of whey protein is its ability to support muscle synthesis. It provides the amino acids needed to make new muscle tissue and repair it after a grueling workout. In addition, whey protein can support muscle strength, increasing it if an athlete takes the protein supplement consistently around the time of exercise.

Burns Fat

Whey protein is great for helping you get into your ideal shape. Alongside building muscle, it assists in improving body composition. Whey supplementation can help lower body fat and waist circumference. When combined with an energy-restricted diet, it seems to boost energy metabolism. Having more lean muscle mass also increases our ability to burn energy daily, helping you spend more calories and shed pounds. Plus, it helps keep you full for longer! 

Reduces Cravings

If you’re someone that experiences cravings, whether for sweet or salty foods, whey protein can help. The protein in whey powder can keep you full, helping you control cravings better. 

If you need help understanding cravings and how to fight them, check out our post on cravings! 

Blood Sugars

Many of us are concerned with controlling or managing our blood sugar well. Adding protein to your meals, such as the protein in whey powder, can help lower the blood sugar spike after eating a meal.  

Improves Energy

Protein can also be used as an energy source by our body when we don’t have enough energy. In addition, since it takes longer to digest, it helps keep you full and support your energy levels. 

Boosts Immunity

Everyone knows that our immune system protects us from disease and helps us fight off infection. There are many proteins in whey powder that actually have immune boosting properties. Whey protein can stimulate cells that are part of our immune system and can support our adaptive immunity, helping us ward off disease. 

Supports Heart Health

There seems to be a beneficial effect of whey protein on heart health. When whey proteins are digested, the amino acids and peptides from the digestion can carry out beneficial actions. It appears that they may be able to support a healthy blood pressure and normal vascular function. In addition, they may stimulate NO production, which helps open up our blood vessels to boost blood flow. 

How to Choose a Whey Protein Powder

Looking to find the best whey protein for you? We’ve got some guidelines to help you make the decision:

01 Understand your goals. Your protein powder should make it easy for you to reach your goals. Therefore, start by clarifying them. Do you need more protein in your diet? Are you trying to gain muscle? The answer will help point you in the right direction. 

02 Understand your protein needs. Most people are advised to get around 0.8 g of protein per kilo of their weight. However, there are many benefits associated with increasing that value, especially if you’re building muscle or are older. A whey protein powder is an easy way to help you increase protein intake to the level you require. 

03 How much protein should your whey protein powders have? Once you’ve worked out your goal and need, it’s time to assess how much protein you should get. Most protein powders will have upwards of around 18 g of protein per serving. For most people, any protein powder with at least 20 g of protein per serving will do nicely. Those that train a lot might want to pick supplements with upwards of 23 g of protein per serving to help hit those high protein goals. 

04 What type of whey do you want to use? Some people may have a preference on what type of whey they’d like to use in their supplement. Others may find cost to be a determining factor. Pick a supplement that contains the right amount of protein per serving. If you’re planning to use it straight after a workout, a good idea is to check for hydrolyzed whey, as it will be absorbed faster. A great way to kickstart recovery! 

05 Think texture. Many people have a texture preference. Some might find the traditional protein shake too “milky.” If that sounds like you, don’t despair – you might benefit from clear whey! Clear whey protein is specifically designed to dissolve into a clear liquid with a juice-like texture. A good example of that is Maxler Juicy Isolate. The PRObev formula provides 20g of clear protein in each serving. With its range of flavors, you won’t even know you’re drinking a protein shake!

06 Additional ingredients. Some whey protein powders may have additional ingredients. They may be things like vitamins or minerals. Whether or not you need them can affect your choice of protein powder. However, there is one great additional ingredient that can really make a difference. And that is an enzyme blend. Enzyme blends can help you get the most out of the protein powder by helping you digest it. They may just be the thing that helps you avoid bloating after a protein shake if you’re prone to it. Therefore, it may be a good idea to look into a supplement with a digestive enzyme complex. All Maxler whey protein powders contain a digestive blend.

07 Controlling sugar? Some of us may have dietary restrictions to think about. Some people may be controlling sugar in their foods. Others may be vegetarian or vegan. All of this plays a role in what the best whey protein is for you. For those that would like all-natural ingredients and no sugar, Maxler 100% Golden Whey Natural is a great option. This whey protein powder uses natural stevia sweetener and only fully natural flavors. 

08 Choose quality. Arguably, the most important aspect of choosing a protein powder is its quality. After all, no one wants to get a supplement that’s 80% filler. Therefore, choose brands that are open about their quality standards. Maxler’s point of pride is that all of our supplements are manufactured in factories following the GMP and IFS standards for quality. 

There are many whey protein powders on the market, and choosing one that works for you can be hard. Don’t fall for the marketing tricks like buying the best women’s whey protein – instead choose something that will for sure benefit your goals. With a little bit of patience and understanding what to look for, you can easily find the best whey protein for you.

How to Use Whey Protein?

Once you’ve obtained a whey protein supplement, it’s time to put it to good use. So, how can you use whey protein? 

The easiest way to use whey protein powders is to mix a scoop with milk or water according to package directions. Shake it in your shaker and voila – you’ve got a protein shake! However, that’s not the only thing you can do. Whey protein powders are great additions to many foods. For example, you can add scoops of protein to your smoothies, porridge, bakes, or even pancakes!

There are also times where using a whey protein powder is easiest. Most people like to drink a protein shake after working out to kickstart recovery. Alternatively, whey protein can come in handy during breakfasts. Protein-rich breakfasts are better at keeping you full during the day. Therefore, consider adding a scoop of protein to your breakfast foods or make one of our famous yoghurt breakfast pots! 

Whey protein shakes can also be a great snack at any point during the day. However, remember to make sure that your diet is balanced and has plenty of protein from whole foods. 

Whey protein is a type of protein that’s obtained from the cheese and yoghurt making process. It has a range of benefits, including supporting muscle mass and boosting our immunity. Whey protein is an excellent addition to everyone’s routine, whether you’re an athlete or a fitness fan. Moreover, it’s convenient and can be delicious! Use the power of whey protein to reach your fitness goals! 

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