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Where science meets performance. Maxler’s PRO Line is specially formulated for professional athletes and those with an active lifestyle. Featuring science-backed formulations, high quality ingredients and nutrients, plus great-tasting flavors, the PRO Line fuels and nourishes your body during intense physical activity.

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Smash through your health and performance goals with our PRO Line nutritional bundles, each designed by clinical nutritionists for those performing at a high level

Pro Line Products

Supplement your training with our curated list of PRO Line products, specially designed for peak performers

    Golden 7 Protein blend

    Golden 7 Protein Blend

    From $29.99
    Incl. VAT plus shipping

    7 Proteins, 1 Goal: Your Best Performance

      A photo of 100% golden glutamine container.

      100% Golden Glutamine

      From $12.99
      Incl. VAT plus shipping

      Conditionally essential amino acid for your workouts

        Caffeine 200

        Incl. VAT plus shipping

        Keeping you awake and boosting performance

          VitaWomen 90 tablets bottle


          Incl. VAT plus shipping

          A complex of everything the female body needs to reach new performance heights


            From $17.99
            Incl. VAT plus shipping

            Minerals, vitamins and additional ingredients for performance and male health

              Taurine 1000mg in a plastic can

              Taurine 1000mg

              Incl. VAT plus shipping

              Boost your endurance for better performance

                A photo of 100% Golden Creatine box.

                100% Golden Creatine

                From $15.79
                Incl. VAT plus shipping

                A tried and tested performance booster

                  A photo of Special Mass Gainer bag.

                  Special Mass

                  From $59.99
                  Incl. VAT plus shipping

                  High-carb blend with 5 types of protein for powerful gains

                    100% Golden Citrulline Malate in a plastic can

                    100% Golden Citrulline Malate

                    Incl. VAT plus shipping

                    Train stronger for longer

                      A photo of 100% Golden BCAA coconut flavor.

                      100% Golden BCAA

                      From $12.58
                      Incl. VAT plus shipping

                      Your muscle-building best friend

                        100% Golden Whey

                        From $33.99
                        Incl. VAT plus shipping

                        Premium protein for powerful performance

                          NRG Lemonade

                          NRG Max

                          From $22.99
                          Incl. VAT plus shipping

                          Four blends of active ingredients for extreme performance

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