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    Special Mass

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    High-carb blend with 5 types of protein for powerful gains

    Gainers – Sports Nutrition


    Gainers are a popular supplement in the world of sports nutrition. Mass gainers combine carbohydrates and protein to help you achieve muscle growth or weight goals. They make it easy to grow muscle and put on mass because they supply extra calories and protein to enable muscle synthesis. 


    Types of gainers in sports nutrition


    There aren’t clear-cut types of mass gainers, making separating them into different categories difficult. The main difference between each mass gainer is its ingredient list. Mass gainer nutrition can differ from one brand to another as different gainers contain different types and amounts of macronutrients. 


    You should ensure that your mass gainers contain plenty of calories from carbohydrates and high-quality protein sources. Gainers like Maxler Special Mass can also contain additional ingredients. Maxler Special Mass contains additional fats, iron, and creatine to support muscle synthesis to the max. The 5 types of protein in Special Mass ensure both quick amino acid absorption and long-term muscle feeding. 


    Why do you need gainers?


    Mass gainers are self-explanatory in their role. The primary use of gainers is for gaining muscle mass. They provide additional calories and protein to support your body in making new muscle tissue. This can be super useful for those with a large muscle mass, like bodybuilders, as their protein requirements can be pretty high. 


    Additionally, mass gainers are a great weight gainer for men and women. To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you spend. This can be very difficult for some people, whether due to their dietary or active lifestyle. A gainer shake’s high number of calories can help you gain weight. This can be very useful for those who cannot stomach the extra calories they need to gain weight. 


    In addition, the carbohydrate and protein in mass gainers can make an excellent recovery shake after a challenging workout. They can help support muscle protein and glycogen synthesis as you recover. 


    Is gainer useful for weight gain?


    Yes, sports gainers are helpful for weight gain, especially if you can’t manage to create a caloric surplus through additional food intake. Their high protein content can also help you build muscle mass rather than put on just fat if you combine it with a training regimen. 


    How to order from the online store


    If you’re ready to increase muscle mass or weight and wonder where you can find a gainer to buy, it’s time to check out the Maxler online store on our website or Amazon. You can browse our catalog of mass gainers and compare their prices and ingredients. 


    When you’re ready to check out, simply add the protein to the cart and follow the subsequent instructions. We offer free delivery if you spend over $75, so be sure to take advantage of this by combining your gainer with other products. 


    Once you check out, your mass gainer will be with you shortly. We hope that you enjoy the results it helps you to achieve.