Everything you should know about our Golden 7 Protein Blend

Golden 7 Protein Blend

Nutrition is everything for a healthy life and athletic performance. Imagine – you’re spending hours at the gym, pushing yourself past your limits, reaching new heights. You’d want to make sure you’re maximizing your output – whether that’s growing more muscle or building strength. That’s when nutrition, especially protein, comes in.

Why protein is essential for me?

You can’t build a house without building materials, the same way your body can’t build muscle or improve strength without proper fuel. Resistance training triggers MPS, muscle protein synthesis. The process sends signals to our muscles, so they can incorporate building blocks, and amino acids, into new muscle tissue. Protein supplies these building blocks, so getting enough protein, especially after a workout, is key for your gains1.

Additionally, a high-protein diet is known to increase lean muscle, keep you full, boost your resting metabolism, and even support weight loss2. However, it can be challenging to get enough protein through diet.

If you’re ready to jump on the high-protein train, you’ll find that the most common types of protein supplements available are vegan protein, whey, and casein. Each has its own benefit, but when you combine multiple protein sources together, that’s when you really hit the spot.

And that’s what we did in the new Golden 7 Protein Blend.

What is Golden 7 Protein Blend?

Our newest creation, the Golden 7 Protein Blend protein supplement addresses just that. Combining a whole 7 types of protein into one blend, we’ve made a supplement that keeps your muscles fueled continuously. This way, you can be sure that you’re maximizing your muscle-building and staying satiated. The blend contains whey, milk, and casein proteins in a carefully designed ratio.

So, what are Golden 7’s stats?

A serving of Golden 7 contains 23 g of protein, out of which 7.3 g are BCAAs, with 3.4 g of leucine for the MPS kick you need. A scoop will only set you back 180 calories and only contains 2 g of sugars and 1.5 g of fat, making it a great choice for your bulk or cut.

A scoop with protein

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Fast-absorbing amino acids for muscle growth

After a workout, your body needs amino acids to repair itself, stat. You need quick absorbing protein, and that’s where whey comes in. It is taken up rapidly and spikes muscle protein synthesis3. Speed is key as you only have a window of about an hour after your workout to maximize your muscle-building response4.

Golden 7 helps you take full advantage of this window by supplying hydrolyzed whey, where the protein is pre-digested in a sense, allowing it to absorb quicker5.

Long-term muscle feeding for bigger gains

The initial burst of MPS. Our muscles need to be fed amino acids continuously over long periods of time to keep building muscle. That’s where Golden 7 shines with its blend of milk and casein proteins. Casein is a slow-release protein, while milk proteins tend to be absorbed at an intermediate rate6. This sustained feeding not only works to better your gains but also helps with recovery7.

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Supporting strong bones

Each serving packs 10% of your daily calcium needs as the blend contains natural milk proteins, which retain calcium during filtering. Calcium is essential for a healthy skeleton and helps your muscles contract8. Plus, protein in general is key for a strong and healthy musculoskeletal system9.

How can Golden 7 support performance?

Protein fuels performance and your body. Together with a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine, Golden 7 Protein Blend will become your best friend. Here are some of the benefits it can provide:

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How to use Golden 7 Protein Blend?

Golden 7 Protein Blend comes in a variety of tastes to suit everyone, like vanilla, strawberry, milk chocolate, and cookies and cream. To get your protein fix, add a scoop of Golden 7 to 8-10 oz of water or milk, shake, and enjoy! It makes an ideal recovery shake after a grueling workout or a snack at any point of the day.

If you’re looking to generally increase your protein intake, you can add Golden 7 to meals, such as breakfasts. For some inspo, why not try our simple protein recipes anyone can make?

The takeaway

Maxler Golden 7 Protein Blend is truly a force to be reckoned with. The combination of quick-acting amino acids and long-release protein helps you reach new performance heights. Whether you’re after increased muscle strength, strong bone, or a better body composition, Golden 7 can give you a hand in reaching your targets.

Combining high-quality casein and whey proteins from grazing cow milk, each serving will provide 23 g of protein, helping you reach your protein goals. Try Maxler Golden 7 Protein Blend today, and see for yourself.

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