Going Green in the Game: Environmental Initiatives from Pro Athletics

Going Green in the Game: Environmental Initiatives from Pro Athletics

The world of professional sports is full of passionate athletes, supportive thousands of fans, and incredible performances that push the limits of the human body. While sports have always been the primary focus, there’s been an ever-growing push for a greener approach to sports. Whether that’s by improving kit, using sustainable energy to power stadiums, or simply advocating for positive environmental action, every little bit counts. So, how is the world of sports tackling sustainability?

Eco-friendly stadiums

More and more sports venues are becoming green. This September we’ve seen a fully green cricket match between England and New Zealand. The stadium was powered by wind, solar, and hydro powers. Food packaging was lined with seaweed and even the fans’ cards were made from seed paper, which will sprout into wildflowers when planted1.

Going Green in the Game: Environmental Initiatives from Pro Athletics

And the US Teams have done their share here as well, with the NHL having 5 arenas powered in part by renewables. The Miami Marlins’ stadium has undergone a re-vamp that allows it to be more water efficient, reducing usage in half. Cleveland Indians have a wind turbine in their stadium to power it.

Recycling for good – a clothing story

Some athletes are tackling the increasing amounts of waste on their own. For example, Kelly Salter, the youngest surfing champion ever founded his brand. They use sustainable materials and recycled plastic harvested from the ocean and are building a circular business model to ensure they’re as sustainable as possible2.

While that’s ambitious, that doesn’t mean that simpler solutions don’t work. Pittsburgh Pirates have worked on recycling waste in their stadium and their program has managed to recycle around 80 million plastic bottles in 2018-2019 alone.

Embracing green sports

Motorsport is a discipline that can be considered unsustainable, however, even here we’re seeing progress. With the creation of Formula E, the electric car race, we’ve taken a step towards greener motorsports. And this year, we’ve had the launch of the GEN3, the most efficient electric racing car to date. Additionally, the event has been recognized by the Global Sustainability Benchmark in Sports with a top score – so it’s a real win for green sports3.

Going Green in the Game: Environmental Initiatives from Pro Athletics

Advocating and role models

It’s also great to see that many players are taking it upon themselves to lead by example. This year’s Women’s World Cup which took place in two countries at once has been a great success story. 44 players, including Sofie Junge Pedersen and Elena Linari, took it upon themselves to offset the carbon emissions their flights to games generated. They’re also pushing for more to be done to make the event as sustainable as possible.

Giants like Serena Williams and Nico Rosberg have also been supporting green initiatives, from supporting sustainable start-ups to following vegan diets. If you’re a vegan, check out our vegan supplements. For better endurance, our Taurine 1000mg can be a great option. Or if you’re looking to fight fatigue for longer workouts, 100% Golden Citrulline Malate can be for you.

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        How you can make your sport greener

        Every one of us has a responsibility to the planet, so many of us want to change our ways to be greener. You can easily make planet-friendly choices in your practice or team. Here are our top 5 ways to make your sports practice greener:

        1. Greener gear – use reusable water bottles and pick kits made from recycled materials where you can.
        2. Sustainable transport – traveling to your workout or a game can be an easy way to be sustainable. Choose active transport or public transport to lower emissions.
        3. Vegan supplements – as they’re animal-free, they’re more sustainable in their production, helping you reach your goals while being green. Many of our amino acid supplements are vegan – try 100% Golden BCAA or 100% Golden Creatine to support your recovery.
        4. Be green when attending events – recycle and reduce your waste if you’re heading to watch a sports event, and encourage others to do the same.
        5. Volunteer – a great way to offset your carbon footprint is to give back – whether you volunteer at a beach clean up or get involved with making your local sports events more sustainable, every effort counts.

        Going Green in the Game: Environmental Initiatives from Pro Athletics

        Going Green in the Game: Environmental Initiatives from Pro Athletics

        The world of sports is embracing the health of our planet. From advocating for more sustainable events and venues, athletes and sports fans are changing the way we do things. If you’re looking for more ways to be sustainable, check out our Knowledge Center, where you can find more tips, like our 10 steps for sustainable and healthy living.

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