New from Maxler! Electrolyte Powder Fruit Punch Flavor

Imagine this – you’re on a treadmill, and your favorite music is playing through your headphones. Your feet rhythmically hit the treadmill, your heart pumping and your muscles burning. You reach out to your water bottle, take a sip, and wow! You’re hit with an explosion of fruit punch flavor. Keeping hydrated has never been so delicious. 

To brighten the shorter, darker, and colder days, we’re releasing the all-new, limited edition fruit punch flavor for our Electrolyte Powder. 

Electrolyte Powder for your hydration

Why should you add electrolytes to your water bottle? Well, keeping hydrated is essential as you train, as losing water can severely impact your performance. Water is needed to help with cooling down and it also helps your mood and cognition work well1. Sometimes, we’re unable to take in water effectively, and to help the body do that, we need to add minerals in a great enough concentration. Electrolyte hydration powder helps us do just that. 

As you work out and release sweat, you lose minerals like calcium, which is essential for muscle contractions2. Electrolyte Powder for water helps you replenish these and ensure you’re feeling great while working out. Plus, the additional trace minerals support many other processes in the body, from your immunity to even making hormones3

Electrolytes are especially important for those who work or train in places that are hot and humid, as the body will sweat more than it usually does4

Additionally, Electrolyte Powder is great for the times when you’re ill and losing a lot of water through sweat. It can help you quickly replenish water stores and ensure you can properly fight off your infection. 

Maxler electrolyte powder

A new look and taste

We’ve released a brand-new deliciously fruity taste of Electrolyte Powder – Fruit Punch! Made with fully natural fruit flavors, you’ll love the refreshing taste. This limited edition version is here in a glorious new packaging. The bright red container feels a little festive and will easily catch your eye to remind you to stay hydrated. 

Maxler electrolyte powder

Why you should add it to your routine

Electrolyte Powder Fruit Punch Flavor is a great addition to your hydration rituals:

  • It has all the main electrolytes for smooth muscle function 
  • It supports easy water absorption 
  • It has a trace mineral complex for great health 
  • It’s vegan 
  • It has no sugars and is sweetened by natural, organic stevia
  • It contains only natural flavors 
  • It’s easy to take anywhere with the sticks form

Maxler electrolyte powder

How can I use Electrolyte Powder?

Electrolyte Powder is sugar free and simple to use. Simply add a serving to your water bottle, shake to dissolve, and drink before and throughout the exercise. To ensure that you’re in an optimal hydration state throughout the workout, drink plenty of fluid before and regularly as you exercise. 

Alternatively, you can use them to rehydrate quickly after a hard training session. 

Maxler Electrolyte Powder Fruit Punch is a fantastic way to support proper hydration no matter what sport you play or what level you’re at. The new limited edition fruit punch flavor will take you to fun town and keep you looking forward to your workouts. Support your performance and your health in a tasty way with Maxler. 

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