All About Adaptogens, or Say Goodbye to Stress

Adaptogens for stress

Ever feel completely drained after a long day? You’re not alone – so many of us struggle with stress. But when stress is affecting your daily life or your performance, you start looking for ways to help you get through the hard times. Adaptogens can be a great way to help you push through tough moments, as these plants and herbs support your body’s ability to deal with stress. 

What are adaptogens? 

What if herbs and plants could help the body tolerate stress? Herbal adaptogens do just that – they are herbal mixes, extracts, or blends that increase attention and endurance during times of stress or tiredness. They likely do this by interacting with our hormonal, nervous, and immune systems1.

With that said, adaptogens have 3 key characteristics2

  1. They are well-tolerated by the body in normal quantities;
  2. They help the body cope with stress;
  3. They help the body come back from stress.

Adaptogens benefits 

What do the adaptogens actually do in the body? They are mainly responsible for helping the body tolerate tough times in a non-specific manner, meaning adaptogens for stress are a good idea. Certain adaptogens may be able to also support sleep, balance hormones, and lower inflammation3. Some may help you fight tiredness, some can help your cognitive performance, and others may support moods4

Adaptogen herbs 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of herbal adaptogens that you can use? You’re in luck then, because we’ve got a list of common adaptogens and their benefits! 

Rhodiola rosea – if you’re tired of thinking, Rhodiola is great for supporting you in fighting mental tiredness and improving cognitive performance. Plus, it can even help with general well-being5.

American ginseng  – this plant can support your ability to remember things, your reaction speed, and even your immune system. On top of that, it can promote calmness6.

Ashwagandha – a true classic, it’s a great option for helping you reduce stress and fight nervousness7.

Cordyceps – these mushrooms have received a lot of press recently, but they’re great for your stamina and help with inflammation8

Goji berry – remember when goji berries were all the rage? These small berries can help with energy and can promote calmness. Plus, they can be a great way to support sleep9.

Tulsi or holy basil – a plant that’s great for stressful times as it helps deal with nervousness and may support your cognitive skills, especially memory10.

Turmeric – this adaptogen is great for supporting moods11. Try Maxler Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine for a great dose of the adaptogen that your body will actually absorb. 

How to use adaptogens to your advantage

Herbal adaptogens can be a powerful tool to help you get the most out of your life. You can incorporate adaptogens in multiple ways, which include:

  • Using supplements – from capsules to powers, you can reap the benefits of adaptogenic herbs.
  • Drinking teas – since many of the adaptogens are an herb, you can steep them in your teapot and enjoy them as tea.
  • Adding them to foods – you can add adaptogens to your foods or smoothies, or use them in cooking. 

How to use adaptogens

However, as with anything, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re trying adaptogens for stress or other concerns. Make sure that you start off with smaller doses if you’ve never used adaptogens before. Do consult with a healthcare provider if you’re unsure of whether they might interact with you in any way. 

Choose high-quality sources of adaptogen blends and products, looking for products that follow strict safety and quality guidelines. Also, don’t forget that you can experiment with your adaptogen blends to find one that works for you. Adaptogens aren’t quite a permanent solution, but they can help you spring back if you’re stressed when needed12

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    When the world seems like too much and the stress of daily life lies like a burden on your shoulders, you need all the help you can get to get through. If you’re eating balanced meals and exercising, as well as getting plenty of sleep, you can use adaptogens as your secret weapon. These common herbs are a great way to help you achieve your potential and become a better you. 

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