Barbie’s Guide to Balanced Nutrition: Top Tips and Maxler Supplements

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It’s no secret that Barbie is an icon. She owns the property, has every career in the world, looks stunning – she really can do it all. But how does she manage all of this while staying in top health and shape?

We bring to you Barbie’s Ultimate Guide to Balanced Nutrition. Our tips and tricks, inspired by Margo Robbie’s food habits and our expertise will help you feel like Barbie, nourishing your body from within.

Tip 1. Vary your vegetables

Marie Claire Australia revealed that Margo Robbie tends to eat lots of high-quality vegetables. That’s a great tip for any Barbie! Produce, including fruits, has a wide variety of beneficial vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients1. Including these foods in every meal supports great gut health, and heart health and even keeps the bones strong2.

If you’re finding it hard to eat a lot of fruit and veg, consider adding a multivitamin like Daily Max Men and Women to your routine. The formula contains 22 vitamins and minerals, including trace minerals, which are essential for beauty and health.

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Tip 2. Lean protein is the way forward

The other thing Robbie prioritises? Lean proteins, of course. Having protein with every meal is a great idea3. This nutrient helps maintain muscle mass, helps our body’s processes run smoothly, and supports weight management4.

The key trick with proteins is to choose ones that don’t have much fat, like poultry, fish, or plant proteins like pulses and tofu5.

If you’d like to increase your protein intake, consider using protein powders for a quick boost. These can be added to your breakfasts, like your smoothies and your overnight oats.

Maxler 100% Golden Whey Natural is a great option for those trying to eat clean, as it provides 24g of protein without large amounts of fats.

Tip 3. Don’t neglect carbs

Every Barbie needs a source of energy to power her through her day, and carbohydrates are the best way to do that! Choose sources that contain whole grains – whole wheat bread, quinoa, beans, and old-fashioned oats. Margo Robbie for example, starts off her day with porridge – a great source of carbs.

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Tip 4. Choose your fats wisely

Our body needs healthy fats to function – they help us absorb vitamins, provide energy, and help with blood health6. However, it’s key to choose the right fats – unsaturated fats like those found in avocados, nuts, and olive oil are best. You also need to get sufficient omega-3 fats, which support cardiovascular function and fight inflammation7.

If you’re not regularly eating fish or vegetarian omega-3 sources like walnuts or flax, consider an omega-3 supplement.

Tip 5. Look after your gut

Harper’s Bazaar’s interview with Jasmina Vico, Robbie’s skin pro revealed that the actress ate plenty of probiotic foods during the filming process. There’s a reason for that – not only do these foods help look after gut health by supplying beneficial bacteria, but they also positively affect the whole body8. They supply antioxidants and have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory functions9. And of course, they help with skin beauty10.

So, next time you’re thinking of what to add to your meals, consider fermented food like miso, kimchi, or kefir.

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Tip 6. Sip on water

The best way to help yourself feel good and look good is to remain hydrated. Make sure you’re drinking water regularly, especially if it’s hot or you’re working out. When you need a quick water boost, consider adding some electrolytes to your water – they provide important minerals and help you absorb water quickly.

Maxler Electrolyte Powder is a great fruity option for the summer months – it’ll keep you hydrated like a charm!

Tip 7. Nourish your skin

Finally, a Barbie’s skin is radiant, and that radiance is the result of a great skincare routine and the right nutrition. For glowy skin, make sure you’re getting plenty of omega-3s, which help with inflammation and protect from UV11. Alongside that, vitamins and minerals are essential – make sure to especially pay attention to sources of vitamin C, zinc, and selenium12.

Easy sources of the two minerals include supplements, like Zinc Picolinate and Maxler Selenium. Formulated to have high bioavailability, these will make sure you’re getting all the benefits from the minerals.

Additionally, collagen is always a great idea for skin beauty, as it helps keep the skin youthful13. Try Maxler Beauty Collagen for collagen that’s packed with additional beneficial ingredients to help your skin shine. Or consider our Hair Nails Skin supplement, specifically formulated to look after your beauty.

With these principles, you’ll find it easy to stick to a healthy eating pattern. Remember that your outer beauty and your success comes from what you eat. Add a couple of strength training sessions and some cardio into your routine and watch yourself glow. And of course, take care of your mental health – remember that you are KENough!

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