Boosting Immunity in the Fall: Top 7 Wellness Practices

Fall – beautiful colors, the crispiness of autumn air. But all of that might just be overshadowed by worries about catching a cold or a flu. Many of us will get 2 to 4 bouts of the illness a year, and children can get up to 81! So it’s no wonder that supporting immunity and finding ways to keep healthy is on everyone’s mind.

To help you, we’ve assembled 7 easy tips that you can incorporate into your routine to help you keep your immunity up this cold season.

  • Keep yourself active

Does the rainy autumn weather make you want to curl up at home and watch Netflix all day? That might be counterproductive. Exercise is a great way to support overall health, but it also does wonders for the immune system2. Make sure to set aside time for regular exercise, whether in the gym, a fitness class, or even from the comfort of your own home.

Pro tip: After a hard workout, have a snack containing fruit and carbohydrate, which will provide your body with carbs and polyphenols to support the immune system3.

Boosting Immunity in the Fall: Top 7 Wellness Practices

  • Supercharge your nutrition

Fall is the time of hearty, warming soups with lots of veggies and carbs, and there’s good reason for that. Vegetables pack plenty of polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals that can support the immune system. Aim to eat plenty of veggies and fruit with vitamin C, like bell peppers and oranges, which will be in season soon. Additionally, make sure you’re getting plenty of healthy fats, like omega-3s4.

Additionally, incorporate spices and ingredients that are known to boost your immune health – things like garlic, ginger, and turmeric will make your dishes taste cozy and boost defenses. Try Maxler Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine, which has Meriva curcumin of the highest quality paired with Bioperine, increasing curcumin’s bioavailability.

  • Make hygiene a habit

Remember the time during COVID-19 when we all religiously washed our hands and sterilized surfaces? Yeah, those are useful habits to have during the cold and flu season. Wash hands regularly, stay warm, and clean your highly touched surfaces regularly. The best way to fight a cold is to prevent it from happening by never bringing it into your house.

  • Make sure to catch enough zzz’s

If you’re a chronic under-sleeper, bad news. Sleep and immunity are highly intertwined. Getting sufficient zzz’s helps us heal, prevent, and fight infections. Not sleeping enough can make you more susceptible to illness5. So, make sure you’re going to bed and waking at a similar time, put down your phone an hour before sleep, and make sure your surroundings are conducive to sleep. Happy dreaming!

Boosting Immunity in the Fall: Top 7 Wellness Practices

  • Say no to stress

Autumn is also when we have lots of deadlines, festivities to get ready for, and overall stresses of life. A great way to support your immunity is to de-stress and take time for yourself. Plus, stress can often affect other parts of your lifestyle, such as making you sleep less or making unhealthy dietary choices. All of this can impact your ability to protect yourself from disease6. This autumn, set boundaries, take time for yourself, try meditation or relaxation techniques – don’t let stress get you sick.

  • Get some sunshine if you can

Another great way to support immunity is to get plenty of vitamin D7. Although the sun is rarer during the autumn, try to get some at every opportunity you have. If you’re unable to, consider adding a vitamin D supplement like Vitamin D3 5000IU drops to your routine. This Maxler supplement delivers a high dose of the vitamin in an easy form – drops that you can add to your smoothies, drinks, or even porridge!

That being said though, being out in nature is a beneficial habit, as it helps you de-stress, supports mood, and offers plenty of opportunity for exercise. It might even help your immune system stay strong8!

  • Choose the right supplements

If you want to get yourself ready for the flu season, supplements can be a great tool. Choose supplements containing immune-boosting vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C supplements or zinc and selenium supplements. They’re an easy way to ensure your body gets an extra helping of nutrients that help your defenses take care of infections. Choose those with highly bioavailable forms and made from quality ingredients.

Autumn’s colors shouldn’t be bleaker due to the risk of a cold or the flu. With these 7 easy measures, you can be sure to prepare your body to fight off infection. Staying active, getting enough sleep, and making healthy nutritional choices can all support your quest for a flu-free autumn.

If you’re looking to get some more support, check out our Immunity Supplements. They can be a great additional help for you. Alternatively, check out our Knowledge Center to learn more about how to keep your immunity high, like how to eat for immune boosting. Stay healthy this season!

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