The Top 10 Fatigue-Fighting Tactics You Need

The Top 10 Fatigue-Fighting Tactics You Need

Did you know that about 40% of US workers feel fatigued? If you’re also feeling slow, lethargic and just thinking about getting out of bed in the morning feels overwhelming, you might be fatigued. For those looking to break the cycle of tiredness, we’ve assembled tips on getting your energy back and reclaiming your power. It’s time to learn how to fight fatigue.  

Our top 10 tips for re-energizing yourself

Ready to take on the fatigue fiend? Here are our top 10 tips for fighting fatigue:

01 Optimise your zzz’s

For many people, tiredness may be caused or made worse by a lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep1. You can help yourself get better sleep by making sure you’re putting down your electronics before bed, having a cool and dark bedroom, and consistently going to sleep and waking at the same time2.

If you need a hand with sleep, consider adding 5-HTP to your routine. This serotonin precursor has been suggested to lower the time to fall asleep and improve sleep parameters3.

The Top 10 Fatigue-Fighting Tactics You Need

02  Can assist skin elasticity

Luckily, you can use your diet to fight fatigue. For fighting fatigue, you need to keep yourself filled with energy from your foods. That means having some protein and some complex carbs with every meal, as they’ll help with stable blood sugar and will provide plenty of energy4. Additionally, there are some minerals and vitamins that can help with energy release, so to choose foods to fight fatigue, choose those with these nutrients5:

  • B-group vitamins – they take part in energy processes in the cell.
  • Vitamin C – is needed to use fatty acids for energy release. Maxler Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate is an easy way to get more of this nutrient into your routine. 
  • Iron – makes up cellular machinery that participates in energy release.
  • Zinc – supports energy processes through its antioxidant function.
  • Magnesium – is required to make ATP, the cellular form of energy. Magnesium B6 is a great way to support your magnesium intake as it provides the mineral in a highly bioavailable form. 

A really easy way to get all of these nutrients daily is with a multivitamin – try Maxler Balance for Women and Balance for Men for a highly bioavailable dose of energy-boosting nutrients. 

03 Each meal matters

Your body relies on food for fuel, so if your schedule means you’re skipping some meals, you might be messing with your energy. That makes getting those meals ean easy change to your diet to fight fatigue. A typical meal that gets overlooked is breakfast. If you’re going to try to eat breakfast consistently, here are some tips on making one that will support your energy6:

  • Start with whole grains for long-lasting energy – choose sources with plenty of fiber as these foods help to fight fatigue.
  • Add some protein to your meal – whether it’s yogurt, protein powder, or eggs, a protein source will help you stay full and energized.
  • If you’ve got no time, make a smoothie with a source of protein, carbohydrates, and plenty of fruit and greens – a perfect smoothie for fighting fatigue.

04 Remain hydrated 

Water is important for many processes in the body, and being dehydrated can often impact our sleep, and mood and make us feel tired. Plus, it can affect concentration7. For fighting fatigue, make sure you’re drinking plenty throughout the day, and for optimal hydration, include electrolytes like Maxler Electrolyte Powder, as they help you absorb water.  

05 Caffeine – use wisely

Many people rely on a caffeine boost throughout the day to keep them going and for fighting fatigue. However, for some people, it can have the opposite effect, exasperating tiredness or even causing jitters8. Additionally, drinking it too late in the evening can interfere with sleep. So, if you’re choosing to have some caffeine during the day, make sure you’re drinking it in small amounts and early in the morning rather than in the afternoon.

06 Consistent movement for consistent energy

One of the best things you can do for your energy levels can seem counterintuitive. Surely, doing some exercise is only going to make you feel more tired? Exercise is great for fighting fatigue and can help you increase your cellular energy machinery, helping you make more energy. It can also help get oxygen moving for better function and it releases feel-good hormones9!

Try Maxler 100% Golden Citrulline Malate to help you feel less tired during your workouts.

The Top 10 Fatigue-Fighting Tactics You Need

07 Dedicate time to relaxation

One of the best things you can do for your energy levels is to ensure you’re taking the time to relax and recharge. Whether it’s through a hobby, a yoga practice, or a mindfulness session, you can make a difference in your energy levels by allowing yourself to take a break when you need it. 

08 Address stress

Often, unaddressed stress can show up as fatigue10. If that’s the case, it’s worthwhile looking into what is potentially causing you stress and what you can do about it when on your quest of fighting fatigue. Consider time management to deal with work pressures, or find productive ways to alleviate stress caused by situations out of your control. 

If you can’t address a stressor, you can use supplements to help you deal with it. L-tyrosine 500 mg contains the amino acid tyrosine, which can support cognition during stressful situations11. We’ve designed Relax & Anti-stress to help you stay calm and focused on a task at hand using an adaptogen blend alongside magnesium and B vitamins. 

The Top 10 Fatigue-Fighting Tactics You Need

09 Talk about it

If you’re feeling tired constantly, it may be time to speak up about it. There is evidence that talking therapies can help you manage tiredness, so you can discuss that as an option with a healthcare provider12.

10 Cope with energy slumps after lunch

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      If you’re finding it hard to stay awake after your mid-day break, consider helping yourself get through it. A balanced lifestyle will help you get by, but a balanced lunch with carbs and protein is also a good idea; make these changes to your diet to fight fatigue. If you have the capacity, get moving for a brief period of 10 minutes, which will help with energy13.

      Many of us are affected by tiredness, but we can all rely on simple habits to make it easier to manage. Through a combination of energy-supporting foods, plenty of sleep, and consistent exercise, you can maintain energy levels and beat the tiredness that creeps in during this time of the year. However, if your fatigue lasts a while, make sure to consult with a medical professional to ensure it’s not caused by anything other than lifestyle. 

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