Transparency in Nutrition: our vitamins VitaMen and VitaWomen

Have you ever wondered if you’re making the right choices in the supplements that you get? Have you ever felt concerned about how vitamins are made, whether they’ll even work, and just didn’t know how to find that out? At Maxler, we pride ourselves on our quality and high standards, and we’re happy to be transparent about our products. 

Our best-sellers, VitaMen and VitaWomen are multivitamin complexes designed for the high-performing athlete. In this post, we’ll highlight precisely why we’ve used these formulations and why they’re truly a fan favorite.

High bioavailability for all athletes

Athletes’ busy training regime means that they have little time to spare to design an optimal diet plan, one that accounts for their micronutrient requirements, which may be higher than most people’s. Alongside that, the grueling training sessions mean important micronutrients get lost with sweat.

Therefore, we’ve designed Vitamen and Vitawomen to contain high dosages of the most important vitamins for athletes, like vitamin D. Additionally, our formulae take into account the difference in vitamin requirements between male and female athletes, with Vitawomen having higher levels of folate and iron than the male formulation.

We’ve used chelated or best-absorbed forms of minerals like selenium, copper, and calcium to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. The same goes for our vitamins, like vitamin K, which is in the form it’s absorbed best in1.

These vitamins for athletes are made without dairy and gluten-containing ingredients, which makes them a great choice for those who might have food sensitivities. Additionally, VitaMen has a green spirulina coating, which means we’re not using heavy metals like titanium oxide to color our supplements.

Why it’s in our PRO line

Athletic performance is affected by many factors, including immunity, brain function like memory, energy status, and recovery. Our vitamins for athletes and bodybuilders are made to account for that and address these concerns.

They both contain digestive blends to help you get the most out of your food when you take them alongside a meal. Additionally, the high dose of B-group vitamins supports normal energy release so you can power through a workout2.

Our blends support cognitive function and memory, with both containing choline, a great nutrient for the brain3. Vitawomen additionally provides omega-3s, which support cognition and promote recovery through supporting sleep4. Vitamen contains oat straw and Korean Ginseng for mood and alertness5,6.

Both vitamins for athletes and bodybuilders contain herbal blends to support reproductive health, which is essential for those who are at risk of overtraining or those who regularly limit their energy intake7. For women, we’ve added a phytoestrogen blend for hormonal health alongside cranberry extract for urinary health8,9. For men, we’ve added botanicals like saw palmetto berry extract and Korean Ginseng root to support prostate health, fertility, and sexual function10,11.

Vitamen also boasts a blend of amino acids, which includes the BCAAs to support recovery and muscle building12. It also has testosterone-boosting ingredients to help grow muscle.

The vitamins are made in GMP and IFS-certified factories, adhering to the strictest quality controls to make sure you’re getting a safe and high-quality product.

When should you take them? 

If you’re looking for the best time to take vitamins, then the answer is simple – it’s when you can take them consistently. Many prefer to take them in the mornings, combining foods with vitamins. If you’re wondering whether a multivitamin can suit you, don’t forget to consult with your medical professional. 

Why others love them

Vitamen and Vitawomen have been one of our best-sellers for a long time. Both supplements have over 4 stars on Amazon. 


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    A complex of everything the female body needs to reach new performance heights

    Vitawomen and Vitamen are more than just a multivitamin – they are expertly crafted to support athletic performance and health. If you’re ready to conquer the next level of your performance, try them. Vitamen and Vitawomen are great additions to a busy athlete’s lifestyle. Paired with a healthy and balanced diet, they can support your body and health, helping you reach your goals. 

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