From Sole to Soul: 5 Feet Yoga Poses You Shouldn’t Miss

5 feet yoga poses

Everyone knows about how great yoga is for a toned body and a healthy mind. But is there more to its benefits than just that? Yoga can be a great way to support the health of your feet, as regular practice can get them moving and feeling more stable. Would you ever consider giving yoga for the feet a try? If so, read on to find out 5 yoga for the feet poses that should be on your radar.

Why should you consider foot yoga?

Yoga is well-known to have plenty of general benefits. It’s great for your balance and flexibility, does wonders for mental health and stress relief, and can also be useful for those with joint discomfort. If you want to move your joints with less discomfort1, add collagen and joint-friendly supplements to your routines. For example, Maxler Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM has a combination of ingredients that help with joint structure and lubrication. 

If you’re looking to improve foot health and flexibility, yoga can be a great option – it can help us get the feet moving in new ways, supporting their strength and function.

Our 5 favorite yoga poses for feet

01 Swollen feet? Get your legs vertical

Swollen feet or ankles can be a real pain – and they are a super common issue. Legs up the Wall Pose can be a great solution to ease your troubles think of it as feet up yoga. It can be especially relaxing – a perfect yoga for the feet pose for the evening. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get into a seated position in front of a wall
  2. Lie down and raise the legs upward for feet up yoga
  3. Play around with the foot placement to maximize comfort
  4. Relax the body from head to toe and enjoy the pose for around ten minutes
  5. Bring yourself back by turning to the side before sitting up


5 best feet yoga poses

02 Become a Garland to support the Achilles tendon

Achilles pain got you down? Try a Malasana variation called Garland Pose Hands Forward. It’s great for taking care of tension in your hips and ankles. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Start with your feet at the edges of the mat
  2. With knees bent, lower into a squatting position
  3. Put your weight into your heels
  4. Get those hands on the floor


5 feet yoga poses

03 Attempt a Hero Pose for flat feet

Virasana is a great option for those who are looking for yoga for the feet. It’s a great way to strengthen the tendons which assist the foot arch in its high position. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Lower yourself into a seated pose with your pelvis between your legs. You should feel the floor with the tops of your feet
  2. Adjust your weight to avoid knee pressure
  3. Breathe for a few counts and roll to the side when done


5 feet yoga poses

04 Yoga for your weak ankles – the Tree Pose

Want to strengthen the ankles with some poses of yoga? Try the Tree Pose, which truly challenges the ankle and the soles of your feet.  Here’s how to get started:

  1. Stand on one leg, widen your toes
  2. Keep hands positioned on the hips and raise the opposite leg
  3. Place the leg on the thigh or shin, not the knee
  4. Raise the arms or keep them chest level
  5. Breathe and repeat with the other leg


5 feet yoga poses

05 Yoga for flexible toes with the Thunderbolt Pose

A variation on the Thunderbolt pose is a superb option to support toe flexibility and your foot strength during movements that require a push. To do this one, you’ll need a yoga block or an alternative you can sit on.  Here’s how to get started:

  1.   Get a yoga block in between your ankles
  2.   Keep toes on the floor and flex the feet as you lower yourself into the pose
  3.   Your inner heels should touch your gluteus, while the big toe touches the block or its alternative
  4.   As you enjoy the stretch, remain in position for a few breaths


5 feet yoga poses

What you should think about

Don’t neglect a proper warm-up and cool-down before your practice. If you’re trying new poses of yoga for the first time, remember that they take practice and require time and patience. If you experience cramping, take a break and stretch it out.

Additionally, make sure you’re supporting your practice through your nutrition. Stay well-hydrated throughout the practice. Add collagen and protein-rich foods to your diet to support your own collagen production. This can in turn support joint and bone health. 

Try Maxler Beauty Collagen for a high dose of collagen with additional blends to support skin beauty. You can also support bone health by getting enough vitamin D – try Maxler Vitamin D3 5000 IU drops for a great dose!

Healthy feet allow us to move well and feel even better. You can support your foot health by doing foot yoga exercises regularly. For an even better boost, combine your practice with plenty of feet-friendly nutrients to support your joints and your bones. Make small changes for a better life today! 

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