Positive Attitude Month – 7 Tips to a Positive Attitude

The Bright Side of Life: Positive Attitude Month

Some days you’re indestructible, slaying your daily tasks like they’re no big deal. Some days even the smallest thing can seemingly send you spiralling over the edge. So, when things go awry, how can you best handle them? The key lies in our attitude to the problems. A positive attitude can be a welcoming beacon of light that may make a difference between feeling like your day is ruined and feeling empowered to address a problem.

October is a fantastic time to work on things like your attitude, as it is Positive Attitude Month. So, how do you get started with your positivity journey?

Positivity, mental health, and problem-solving – they’re connected

If we ask you to think about someone positive, you’ll likely picture a person with a smile on their face that ignores their problems. However, that’s not exactly what positivity is about. It’s more about you being able to approach problems positively. You’ll likely be able to find a silver lining in a situation and be kind to yourself.

There are tangible benefits to having a positive attitude. Positivity can do wonders for the health of your body – a Johns Hopkins researcher found that positive people were less likely to have a cardiovascular event, even if they had many risk factors for it1. It can longer lifespan, support a better mood and mental health, and even make you less likely to call off work sick. Plus, it makes us better able to deal with stress and overcome challenges2.
The Bright Side of Life: Positive Attitude Month

7 positivity-promoting habits

Ready to start your journey cultivating a more positive outlook? We’ve assembled 7 ways to assist you in making positivity a big part of your routine.

  1. Flip a thought switch – for many of us, negative thinking is something we don’t even notice. Pay attention to what you think when an uncomfortable situation arises and make a conscious effort to paint it in a positive light.
  2. Practice saying thanks – focus on five things you find yourself feeling thankful for. This small activity can shift your focus onto a positive. This can help you be better able to find the light in anything.
  3. Think kindly – negative thoughts can contribute to a not-so-great outlook. Whether it’s how you react to an event or what you think about yourself, try to be more positive and kinder. If you’re prone to catastrophising this is essential. To combat it, try making yourself more realistic in your assessment of a situation.
  4. Embrace positive people – they’re often happy to share their positivity and might give you a tip or two to become a ray of sunshine yourself.
  5. Be selective in what you’re exposed to – don’t fall for the trap of “feeding yourself” negative content. Rather, choose to limit the consumption of content that evokes negative feelings.
  6. Time to become a Good Samaritan – helping others and being kind is a great way to feel more fulfilled, purposeful, and positive. Whether you volunteer or help a neighbor, every action counts.
  7. Be mindful – mindfulness is an essential tool to assist you to take a minute and relax during tough times. Use this technique when you’re finding yourself overwhelmed or spiraling into negativity. It can be a useful pause that allows you to actively re-frame your thinking.

Positivity and your ability to cope with things is only about whether you’re born an optimist or a pessimist. It’s a skill that you can learn, and like any skill, it requires constant practice.

The Bright Side of Life: Positive Attitude Month

What supplements might help?

If you’re looking to feel better or become better at overcoming stress, having a positive attitude can be a great way to do that. For even greater effects, combine techniques like positive thinking with our stress-busting supplements that can support your body during tough times.

For those who would like to improve their sleep to recover from busy days, Maxler GABA is a great option. GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps the brain relax, and there’s some evidence it can help you fall asleep3.

Magnesium gets quickly depleted during stress4, so keeping sufficiently high levels is key – try Chelated Magnesium, a form of the mineral that is highly bioavailable or Magnesium B6, which contains additional vitamin B6 for better absorption. 5-HTP is a great option to support your mood during times of stress, as it’s a precursor to serotonin, which is involved in mood, learning and even sleep5.

The Bright Side of Life: Positive Attitude Month

The Bright Side of Life: Positive Attitude Month

From minerals to amino acids, these supplements can boost your stress tolerance and get you through the dark times. Remaining positive can be a challenge, but by practicing positivity, taking time to de-stress and supporting your brain with the proper nutrients, you can overcome anything!

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