Nutrition for Immune System 101

Supercharging your defences – how to eat to support your immune system

Remember the feeling of fatigue, constant sneezing and a light cough you can’t seem to get rid off for ages? Might mean something’s up with your immune system and you’ve gotten sick. Staying healthy is always a top priority for people who lead busy lives, as it enables us to stay on top of our game. Luckily, we can learn to nourish our defences, so that we can keep immunity up.

Beneficial nutrients and where to find them

For optimal function, our immune defence requires the right nutrients. Some will supply energy to hunt down pathogens and building blocks to make more immune cells. Others will help make certain active molecules or will directly have antimicrobial compounds1.

Protein is necessary for our immunity to remain strong. Consider adding varied sources of this macronutrient into your diet2. If you need an extra supply of this macronutrient, try Maxler Golden Whey for an easy protein snack.

Our immune system relies on fuel to keep it going. Glutamine, an amino acid, acts as this fuel3. You obtain it by eating foods high in this amino acid, which are typically meats like chicken and seafood, as well as grains4.

If you need extra glutamine in your diet, consider Maxler 100% Golden Glutamine. This vegan powder is an easy way to get plenty of the amino acid quickly – it’s kind of like an immunity booster powder.

Fatty acids like omega-3s are also great helpers for the immune system, as these help decrease inflammation in the body and increase our ability to fight bacteria. You can get these from plant sources like and fish like mackerel5.

Micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals are of utmost importance to our immune system. Vitamin A supports immunity as it helps the body make antibodies that help fight infection6. Vitamins like vitamin C and E are key for immunity due to their antioxidant function7. B group vitamins like vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B12 are all essential for energy metabolism in our cells and affect immune signals8. Vitamin D also regulates immune system response9. Vitamin C and D supplements can be useful in boosting your immunity.

Supercharging your defences – how to eat to support your immune system

Supercharging your defences – how to eat to support your immune system

Minerals also support our body’s defences. Zinc is essential for healthy immunity as it helps our immune cells grow and specialise into their roles10. Iron supports immune cell growth as well, but also plays a role in our ability to fight bacterial pathogens11. Copper is also a great aid in fighting bacteria and making antibodies12. Selenium supports our ability to withstand bacterial and viral pathogen attacks13.

If you need a boost of all these nutrients, consider using a multivitamin for immune support, like Maxler Daily Max. This formula contains all the micronutrients needed by our defences in a tablet and effervescent tablet form for convenience.

Many immune defence vitamins and minerals are contained in healthy plant foods like vegetables and fruits14. These plant foods also contain plenty of phytonutrients that support overall health and that of the immune system15.

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      Charging up – whole foods for immunity

      Even though an overall healthy diet supports great health, certain foods can go the extra mile in offering immune support. Choose organic immune boosters where you can.

      Ginger is rich in plant compounds that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune supporting action16. Mushrooms have beta-glucans, which are sugars capable of supporting our microbiome and immune cell function17.

      Turmeric contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory effects and acts as an antimicrobial18. If you can’t get a hold of turmeric, consider adding Maxler Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine to your routine. The additional bioperine improves the absorption of curcumin19. These immune boost capsules come in handy during changing seasons.

      Chlorophyll can also be a useful immune boost, as it may have antiviral effects20. Try Maxler Liquid Chlorophyll as a great source of this active compound.

      Supercharging your defences – how to eat to support your immune system

      Organic immune boosters – echinacea and spirulina

      Maxler has two organic immune defence supplements you cab benefit from – spirulina and echinacea. Spirulina can support the immune system through influencing the growth and development of our immune cells21. Maxler Organic Spirulina is an easy way to incorporate this superfood into your diet.

      Echinacea is a herb that was traditionally used by Native Americans. It improves our immune function and has anti-inflammatory effects22.

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        Other ways to keep immunity strong

        A healthy and varied diet is probably one of the most important factors in remaining in top shape. However, there are other ways to strengthen your immunity:

        • Exercising is essential as it supports the functioning of our defences23.
        • Losing excess weight also key for immunity, allowing our body to effectively fight infection24.
        • Sleep also boosts immunity25.
        • Relax – taking time to de-stress helps immunity26.

        There is a range of nutrients that you can take in from foods and supplements that will benefit your immunity, from multivitamins to whole foods. Alongside that, taking care of your body through exercise and sleep will also support your efforts to stay in great health. To help you further keep your immunity up, check out our wellness tips for immunity.

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